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james moore & associates is not a resume clearinghouse.  Before we refer you to any client, we will speak with you to:

  1. Review your background, so that we understand your skills and achievements.  This will allow us to find the right technical match and to present you in the best light to the hiring manager.
  2. Understand your career goals, including both your short and long term objectives.  This will help us zero in on those opportunities that will best advance your career.
  3. Review specific open searches that meet your needs and aspirations.

Technical Search Experts

Job Search

You are probably a successful, extremely busy professional with very limited time available to conduct a thoughtful, thorough job search. Your free time is scarce, and you do not have time to respond to job posts, write cover letters, send resumes, and chase down leads. If you use our services, we can do all of the legwork to identify opportunities that meet your goals and then can connect you directly with the hiring manager. We are your most efficient solution for making a change while holding down your current job.  Plus, we can introduce you to job opportunities that are not advertised anywhere and can be located only through our contacts.

Salary Analysis

It is difficult to keep track of salary trends when you have been with your current employer for any length of time.  Salary surveys are generally of limited use because the information contained in them is too aggregate and often out of date. A national average is unlikely to provide you with a guideline to the value of your specific skills.  We, on the other hand, daily see what professionals with your background are getting in the way of offers.  We can provide you with a tailored evaluation of your skills so that you can know their true market value. Use our expertise to benchmark what a currently equitable compensation package for you should include--base, stock options, bonus structure, and benefits.

Career Counseling

Because of the rapid change in technology, the computer field is unlike any other.  We can provide you with information regarding industry trends and the skills that you should develop in order to keep yourself most marketable.  We can also provide you with advice on how best to advance to increasing levels of responsibility.  Set your goals, and we will help you develop a strategy for achieving them.  Many professionals have capitalized on this service to their advantage.


Interviewing Skills

Interviewing, like any other activity, requires specific skills, and there are proven techniques that you can use to improve your chances of getting the job you want.  With our years of experience, we can provide you with information and tips that will help you get a better offer with the company of your choice.

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To learn more about our currently open searches, please send your resume in MS Word or ASCII text format to
. Please include information about your job search parameters, such as salary level, geographic preferences, type of position/company desired, etc. You can also call any of our staff directly at (650) 988-6600 to discuss your situation and objectives in confidence.

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